The Murau International Music Festival (MIMF) has been held annually since 2006. This is an Austrian-Canadian project with the goal of jointly realizing musical ideas across all boundaries and inspiring each other in the process.

The festival consists of choral and composition workshops as well as a three-part concert series. The participants of the choral workshops rehearse with the vocal coaches for a week so as to be onstage at the gala concert as a festival choir. At the same time they have the opportunity to perform with professional musicians and well-known star guests. In addition, since 2013 there is also the opportunity to submit new compositions to be premiered.



Festival 2016

35 compositions about "Familiarity - Foreignness" have been submitted. Six pieces were selected to be premiered at the Gala concert.
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This year for the first time the festival has a theme: “Familiarity-Foreignness”.
Familiarity and Foreignness have many dimensions. They cannot be linked solely to geographic areas, nations, religions or linguistic groups, but are also tied in with the affiliations to social classes, age groups and social role models. But what happens when a return to one’s familiar surroundings or group is not possible? How can a feeling of familiarity be restored (again)? How does one find the right balance between foreignness and familiarity? In view of current global migration, its roots in the countries of origin and its impact on the countries of destination, this topic has a strong contemporary relevance.
This year musicians are invited to compose a work related to this theme “Familiarity and Foreignness”.

Once again, the Canadian composer, conductor and music educator, Zane Zalis, will assume the artistic direction of the festival. He is known for boldly treating socially turbulent topics with especially fine sensitivity and showcasing them to advantage.

Thus we can look forward to a range of new and exciting themes this year. Not least, the pleasure and joy of music is paramount where MIMF is concerned in addition to an appealing program of sounds and rhythms of various styles.


Murau International Music Festival:


Klemens Bittmann

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Donna Ellen

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Alejandra Garcia Herreros

"I know the festival from my performances as a violinist and as a consultant of the string orchestra workshops... read more


Karina Lochner

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Luis Ribeiro

"I was very surprised to be invited to the Murau International Music Festival on very short notice... read more




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